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Letter to the Editor – Glen Rock Farmers Market

7 1,794

Letter to the Editor,

My name is Jan Kilroy and I’d like to correct some misinformation Glen Rock Councilwoman Amy Martin communicated during Candidates Night regarding Kilroy’s Wonder Market benefiting from the Farmer’s Market.

Amy Martin has never contacted me to discuss this topic.

I cannot see how Amy Martin can claim that businesses in Glen Rock benefited from the Farmers Market,  since virtually all Glen Rock businesses are closed on Sundays when the Farmers Market is open.

I am also concerned about the location of the Farmer’s Market. There are so many places it could be held to not conflict with my store; yet for whatever reason it was placed right next to our building.

Kilroy’s has been a staple of the Glen Rock community for over 100 years. We hope to continue to serve this town.

I hope the town will address issues with the Farmer’s Market for next year.



Jan Kilroy


  1. Phil Dino says

    Jan Kilroy,

    Being a Glen Rock resident for over 23 years and making at least 1 weekly visit to Kilroy’s during that time I can honestly say that GR FM has not affected my patronage to Kilroy’s at all. I hope this is the same for most GR residents and others who shop at Kilroy’s.
    I understand your concern and a business like yours in this town should be considered in circumstances like this. Hopefully your business has not been affected. My wife and I shop at a few different stores for our grocery needs and Kilroy’s fills a niche that others don’t.

  2. Felix Svider says

    Sorry Jan you’re wrong. On the rare occasion that I’ve stopped by the Farmers Market, I have personally seen people go into your store after shopping at the Farmers Market. I have even done it myself. No I haven’t used your parking lot just to attend the Farmers Market. What I have stated is a fact. Is it possible some people have used the parking lot and not gone in to to shop at your store?Yes. Has it significantly hurt your business? Why are you getting involved in attacking candidates for Council. Are you endorsing any candidates. Have they wronged you in anyway?

  3. Amy Wojnarowski says

    Ms. Kilroy,

    The Farmer’s Market encouraged me to shop at Kilroy’s more often, since I was right there on Sundays. In fact, it was after a stop at the market when I discovered your chilled wine/cheese case, which is a great addition!

  4. N. Lynn says

    I will only speak for myself and say that every time I’ve gone to the Farmer’s Market, I’ve also gone to Kilroys, when I would not ordinarily have gone, specifically because it IS right next to the Farmer’s Market. FM has a pretty limited selection of food, so if I bought a few things to make a meal or two, I need to supplement with lots of items from Kilroys. Without the FM I probably would not have cooked so extensively so it’s a bonus purchase at Kilroys. If nothing else, I will walk over from the FM to get supplies for the week, a purchase I may have ordinarily made at a larger supermarket in a nearby town. If the FM were anywhere else in town, I would not do a Sunday shopping at Kilroys.
    I also believe to be true that the organizers reached out to you originally to inquire about your participation in the Market, and to address any concerns that you had.
    I can’t imagine what actually prompted this letter, but be assured that from me, and the two commentators above, the FM has helped your business.
    As far as other businesses, restaurants and some shops, including the bookstore (?) are open on Sunday.
    As for the “issues” you want the town to address, your letter doesn’t state any issues that need to be addressed. There may be somethings you don’t like, or don’t agree with, but I’m not sure that the town has to make changes based on the letter you’ve presented.

  5. Karen says

    I love Kilroys and have been shopping there for over 20 years. I can say for myself each time I went to the Glen Rock Farmers Market I then zipped on over to Kilroys to round out my shopping so I actually went to Kilroys more then my normal once a week visit.

  6. Joy Simha says

    I too stopped in at Kilroy’s whenever shopping at the Farmers Market and I parked at the train station. I find it funny that Jan wrote this letter refuting Amy’s comments because her letter does not deny that her business increased. She claims that virtually all businesses are closed and she does not like the market right next door. She does not say her business did not increase. Amy claimed that Kilroy’s got more business and folks would stop in and eat lunch in Glen Rock, which is true, because the restaurants are open. I stop in at Kilroy’s at least 3 times per week and will continue to do so, but I am sort of sad that Jan wrote this letter in refute without really refuting what Amy said.

  7. Adam Bloomfield says

    To set the record straight here, Julie Maxwell Allen in her own words –

    “IN middle of putting in all the candidates letters to the editors, This one came across my desk.”

    So Julie is compiling all of the letters, and the ONE letter that disparages Amy Martin and the GRFM gets its own post!

    Which then gets re-posted by Art Pazan’s wife! (which has mysteriously disappeared…)

    Nothing to see here…

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