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BOE Candidate Edmund Hayward

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Glen Rock News today is conducting a series of interviews with the Board of Ed Candidates to find out more about them and what they stand for. We are also including their Top 5…  We asked the candidates to be creative in their top 5. This can be from their top 5 things, top 5 sports, etc… some have included it and some have not.

Our next candidate to participate is  Edmond Hayward.

1. Why are you running for the BOE?

I believe in community service.  As a ten year resident of Glen Rock, I have been involved in our community in many ways.  I get involved with programs and activities that are relevant to my children.  That’s what has inspired me to run for the Board of Education.  Some of the activities I have been involved with thus far include: the Healthy Kids Running Series, Lego Robotics, Coaching kickball, soccer, baseball, the Cub Scouts, helping to build the winning 4th of July Float!, and re-instating our local block party!  The Board is a natural fit for me and I look forward to the opportunity to serve our community.
2. Why do you think you are a good fit for the BOE?
I have spent most of my adult life working in the education field.  My professional background includes 17+ years working in public schools in the area.  I have a Masters degree in Educational Leadership and I am a NJ certified Principal.   More than half of my tenure in education has been serving in administrative roles.  I have experience in all areas of running a school district, including business and budgeting functions, Technology Management and implementation, Curriculum and Facilities as well as community outreach.
I am currently the Technology Director for Bergen County Technical Schools.  In this roll, I have the opportunity to work with dozens of school districts in Bergen County through our Shared Services programs.  This provides me with insights into the many way different school districts apply unique approaches to addressing goals and facing challenges.  Sharing services is a great way to optimize resources and streamline budgets. I can tell you that there are savings to be realized through the sharing of resources.
3. What do you think are some of the top issues you would like to see accomplished in your first  term for the school district? and why are they important?
Our school district faces many challenges.  Some of which include air conditioning issues and traffic related issues.  A seat on the board would allow me better investigate these issues on behalf of our community and help to create solutions that meet all of our needs.
Also, the Glen Rock Board of Education needs to hire a new Superintendent.  This is critical to moving the district forward.  The superintendent sets the vision for the district and helps to develop the culture.  It is important that the person selected represents our community’s goals and interests.  I will use my extensive knowledge of the education system to help select the right Leader for our community.
In terms of programming, we need to address ALL of our children’s needs.  From the new 21st century Science standards to the new NJSLS (replacing the common core), there is a tremendous amount of pressure and accountability on our youth AND our Teachers.  We need to address that pressure.  Mental Health is increasingly becoming a topic that needs more time in the school system.  Whether We’re talking about the mandatory PARCC testing or alcohol, drugs and addiction all need to be addressed within our schools.
Lastly, we need to recognize the value of vocational elements.  While the shops of yesterday have all seemed to disappear, today, they are re-emerging as MakerSpaces and Student Innovation Centers.  From Kindergarten through High School, I have seen examples of how these models are engaging our children. I would like to see this further expanded in Glen Rock.
4. Please tell us something unique about you.
I have an M37 ¾-ton Military Transport Truck – It’s a 1954 Dodge Power Wagon that was commonly used during the Korean war era.  I added 8 airplane seatbelts in the back and voila, instant community fun!  Last seen carrying cub scouts during the Glen Rock 4th of July Parade! Also great for getting ice cream!
5. Are there any changes you would like to see the school district look at? and why?
I suppose in terms of changes, I would have to include the need to hire a new Superintendent.  In the sense that we need to find someone who is ready for a long term commitment.  We have had enough turnover in that position in the last several years, which does not allow for continuity or development of long term goals.
 Any other information you would like to share about yourself? 

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